One of the last remaining out-of-print Firesign titles, Eat or Be Eaten, has returned to CD! Loaded with extras, this re-release is now available exclusively from

The 1985 comedy saga of "Player" (Peter Bergman) and his quest to get in and out of a buggy video game before it eats him alive has been out of print for two decades. The album's world of Kudzu County was built and developed by Firesign over four years in a project that took the form of a computer game, a Cinemax special, a comedy album, and even a never-produced sitcom pilot.'s new CD reissue includes the complete original album, 28 minutes of unreleased bonus tracks, and a bonus Quicktime movie of Eat or Be Eaten with subcode graphics: until now seen only by that rare few that purchased the original 1985 CD release (the world's first CD+G disc!). The package also features never-released game art, plus a new historical essay by yours truly explaining the whole convoluted history of Eat or Be Eaten, starting with the never-produced video game that's now lost to history...or is it?

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