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(From Although the liner notes credit "The Firesign Theatre", this album does not feature founding member David Ossman. The track listing on the back of the CD lists all the individual tracks. However, the inner booklet lists only two tracks: "Getting In" (16:00) and "Getting Out" (16:00), which probably corresponds to the original vinyl pressing. This disc is a CD+G disc containing subcode graphics, and will display them on appropriate hardware such as karaoke disc players and CDTV players.

1. Getting In (16:00)
2. Getting Out (16:00)

1. Headball Classic
2. Wimpy's Software
3. Kamikaze Recall
4. Entering Labyrinth
5. Chi-Chi
6. Johnny Piano
7. The National Toilet
8. Welcome to Barberia
9. Shoplifters Market
10. Neighborhood Survival Gunstore
11. Getting In
12. Bait and Switch
13. Police Problems
14. Dylan at the Met
15. Art Snob
16. Eat Or Be Eaten
17. Tonto's Cowboy Bank
18. Getting Out

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